Haight-Ashbury Street Sign
A Magical History Tour of San Francisco’s Most Celebrated Neighborhood 
Angus MacFarlane
Tuesday, April 11, 2017 - 7:30 PM
Roosevelt Middle School Auditorium
460 Arguello Blvd (at Geary)

For the past half century, the Haight-Ashbury has been San Francisco’s “must-see, go-to” neighborhood for tourists. However, its pre-summer-of-love history is like Swiss cheese: more holes than substance. This presentation will fill many of those historic holes, as well as solve some historic mysteries, such as whom Haight Street was really named after.

Angus MacFarlane grew up in the then-anonymous Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. His interests include San Francisco history and nineteenth-century San Francisco baseball history. He has written several articles that were published in The Argonaut.

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